Equestrian Gift Guide: For Your Horse (that are really for you!)

1. Browband $82.83

Boy O Boy Bridleworks

These browbands are stunning, perfect to add some colour and personalisation to your tack, they also have collar and leads for your dog friends.

2. Fly Mask $14.99USD

Funny Fly Masks

These are hands down the funniest fly masks, will tones of options to suit the personality of your horse they keep the flies away while looking super cool.

3. Peppermint Jolly Ball (prices vary)

Amazon ($16.99AUD)

It’s the time of the year for peppermint so why should your horse miss out! 

4. Horse Polo Leg Wraps CLASSY TEAL Print $16.00 USD

Take the Reins

How cute is this pattern?! And they have heaps of other colours and patterns.

5. Paracord Reins $30.00 USD

Reins for Rescues

These adjustable riding reins not only come in countless colours but they have a custom option as well. Better yet proceeds from sales go directly to the care of their rescues. 

6. Monogram tack plates $35.00 USD

Swanky Saddles

With heaps of different stylish monogram and name plate options never again will you have to label your tack wth those gross cheap plastic key ring tags.


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