This may be controversial and I don’t want to upset anyone who doesn’t agree with my assessment regarding this issue but I found myself feeling quite strongly about this issue and wanted write this mostly for me to get my feelings out.

Let me start by saying I’m not American, however we are an ally of the USA and their influence is such that the results of this election will have far reaching consequences world wide. 

I wasn’t really following the election, but in the back of my mind I didn’t really think Trump would win, how could he? I admit to being ignorant on what political platform each candidate was running on and what they had promised but it seemed inconceivable to me that someone who said such horrible things about people of particular races, religion and sexes was fit to lead.

When I heard he will be president I was sad to be honest, sad for the future. Then I realised that while he does have considerable power now he has no power over me and the people like me. I honestly believe that there will always be people that will fight for what’s right. 

I will never discriminate against someone who is of a different race or religion. I will never judge a religion based on the actions of a few. I believe that everyone regardless of race, religion, sex or country of origin should be treated with respect an kindness. I say no to hate, racism, sexism and religious descrimination.

I will not let the racist, sexist and outdated views of one dictate me. #spreadpositivityloveandrespect


6 thoughts on “Election

  1. Bravo! I’m not American either. But you are right to hold to your own standards. I have been a member of the Amnesty International Urgent Action Network sending letters, fax and emails on behalf of people who are imprisoned, tortured or threatened with extra judicial execution for over 30 years. This network defends people who are imprisoned because of their race, religion or political beliefs and have not committed any crime . I will continue to be part of this network regardless of what happens in US politics.

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  2. Thanks for posting this. I am American, and I’m crushed, devastated, horrified and very sad this morning. I am confused. I am heartbroken. And I am thankful for people like you who have words of bravery and love to share this morning as we in the US wake up and take stock of what has happened. I take them to heart and will continue to live my life with kindness, love and openness to all those around me.

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  3. We have this contagion spreading in Europe too. The elections coming up soon in Austria and Italy are ones to watch. Both could swing to the right quite easily, and after Brexit and Trump we live in a world that is going mad. Just keep speaking out against

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