Helmet cleaning? 

So when this happened:

I didn’t land on my head or have any impact on my helmet but it took a while of me laying in the dirt for my trainer to convince me I was just winded and not dying and I noticed now there’s a big dusty dirty patch on the side of my helmet. ⬇️

So how do I get it clean? I had no idea, I googled “helmet cleaning” but that turned up lots of posts on how to clean motorbike helmets (surely not that hard they’re plastic right?) anyway then I found this:


Now I don’t have a Troxel but my helmet is microfibre so I gave it a go. 

Just mild soap and water, I was a little unsure about whether there would be soap residue or if too much water would warp the fabric but it actually looks good as new! 



So good I fact when I first took the after photo I shot the wrong side! 

*note, my helmet didn’t make contact with the ground during the fall, the dirt came from after when I was catching my breath and I had taken it off and had it next to me on the ground. You should ALWAYS replace your helmet after a fall where it impacts the ground as any impact whether it leaves visible damage or not can reduce the efficiency of it in any subsequent falls. #helmetssavelives #mindyourmelon


4 thoughts on “Helmet cleaning? 

  1. It looks good after cleaning but if there is a possibility that you hit your head with any force the interior of the helmet may be damaged and may not be visible. I know all helmet makers advise replacing the helmet if you have a fall and the helmet makes contact with the ground. I know I sound like a nit picker about this but in North America this is pretty much the rule.

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    • I’ve had to replace a helmet before after a fall and I am meticulous about helmet safety/efficiency but I didn’t have any impact on it this time I landed on my elbow/side the dirt just came from laying in the dirt trying to get my breath back. Its great to see someone who is informed spreading safety information- thank you!

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