Don’t be that person

I was looking through a list of blogging prompts as I haven’t been feeling very inspired this week and came across this one: 

What is somethings in your industry that makes your skin crawl and how can people fix it? 

The things that bother me are summed up in these two quotes:

“Don’t be the person who rides all day and never sees the horse beneath them.” -Unknown 

“If your riding and handling of horses begins and ends at the mounting block you may become a rider, but never a horseman.” -Unknown

Riding is an interesting partnership. If you think about it the horse has all the power and speed yet we hold the reins. Ultimately it’s a relationship built on trust.

For me to get the most out of the relationship you have to be all in, you want the privilege of riding then you should, if not do everything leading up to be riding atleast be willing to learn. I’m talking catching, grooming, tacking up, poo picking, not only do these activities help you learn about and bond with your horse it shows that you are willing to be an equal partner and have a relationship that isn’t all about you. 


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