Meme Monday- Melbourne Cup Edition 


Did you know… Melbourne cup edition 

The first cup races were originally run on a Thursday. The first race run on a Tuesday was in 1875 and has continued to ever since except during the war (1942-1944) when it was run on a Saturday.

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

“Breast cancer remains the most common cancer among Australian women (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer).”-Cancer Australia 

Breast cancer awareness month is all about raising awareness with the belief that raised awareness and knowledge will have a positive impact on survival rates. Even as October draws to a close being breast aware is so important no one knows your body better than you which makes you the perfect person to notice any tiny changes and what’s normal/not normal for you. 

“Survival rates continue to improve in Australia with 89 out of every 100 women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer now surviving five or more years beyond diagnosis. Take the time this month to find out what you need to know about breast awareness and share this important information with your family, friends and colleagues.”-Cancer Australia 

For more information go to:

So be breast aware, know what to look out for and when to talk to your doctor! Let’s look out for the girls 💕(•)(•)

The sun shines again… ☀️

You know sometimes there’s that moment when to put your foot in the stirrup and you just know how your rides going to go, like a gut feeling? I got that feeling today, like I knew today was going to be different. 

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling lately, Patrick had been off and that was putting me off and I hadn’t found another horse I could connect with. Last time I rode Patty he threw me off and the last time I saw him we tried to do some ground work which ended with me chasing a crazy bucking horse around a round pen without much success. 

Fast forward four weeks, I hadn’t been able to ride due to an unfortunate series of events, my trainer was away but we went for a ride anyway. Patty seemed good different as soon as I brought him in, he let me pick his hooves with no fuss for the first time in ages. He like most of the lesson horses has gotten fat on Spring grass it was a struggle to get his girth done up! 

We didn’t do anything ground breaking, just flat work in the dressage arena but it just felt different it felt like it used to. Patrick had his spark back and so did I. After I ended up giving him a bath, he loved the massage mitt! He does have some mud fever on his back hooves so hopefully that clears up soon.

Am I the only one who can’t help but notice flaws in their riding photos, I guess it’s a good way to improve though, ahh look at those arms, bend your elbows girl! 

Unfortunately with the sunny weather comes the flies, I spent the afternoon researching fly spray options, most of the ones I found for sale were chocked full of chemicals which doesn’t sit well with me. I just don’t see how it can be good for the horse and me since I always end up with it on me trying to make sure they’re all covered. I found some natural ones that I’m going to look into but lots of people swear by making their own. There are heaps of recipes on Pinterest and online, do you make your own? Or what brand do you swear by? 

Always remember it’s always the darkest before the dawn, things always get better so don’t give up! 

Don’t be that person

I was looking through a list of blogging prompts as I haven’t been feeling very inspired this week and came across this one: 

What is somethings in your industry that makes your skin crawl and how can people fix it? 

The things that bother me are summed up in these two quotes:

“Don’t be the person who rides all day and never sees the horse beneath them.” -Unknown 

“If your riding and handling of horses begins and ends at the mounting block you may become a rider, but never a horseman.” -Unknown

Riding is an interesting partnership. If you think about it the horse has all the power and speed yet we hold the reins. Ultimately it’s a relationship built on trust.

For me to get the most out of the relationship you have to be all in, you want the privilege of riding then you should, if not do everything leading up to be riding atleast be willing to learn. I’m talking catching, grooming, tacking up, poo picking, not only do these activities help you learn about and bond with your horse it shows that you are willing to be an equal partner and have a relationship that isn’t all about you.