DIY- Custom Horse Key Ring 

I love art supply shops, most of the time I’ll go into them just for fun or to have a look around rather than needing to buy something specific. Anyway on one such trip I was looking around when I came across sculpey which is an oven dry clay. I used to love this stuff as a kid so on impulse I bought some, cleaning out my bag today I found it and wanted to make something so I thought why not make a 3D version on my Patrick illustration and it kind of evolved from there! 

You will need

  • Sculpey (or similar over dry clay)
  • Acrilic paint (I bought white clay then painted it but you could buy coloured clay)
  • Jump ring and lobster clasp
  • Paintbrush, wooden kebab stick or toothpick, stanly knife or exacto knife to help mould- you can buy specialist tools but I found the back of the paintbrush the most efficient) 

I broke up Patrick into basic shapes from the image I already had but I had to create a basic mane shape since my origional illustration doesn’t show one.

I started by making the head by creating a ball and then making one side thinner for the snout. After creating triangle shaped ears I stuck them onto the head an using the back of a paintbrush so attach them and smooth the edges. 

I created an oval shaped for the body and attached the head, used a small ball of clay the back of the neck to make it more secure before attaching the mane and a forelock.

I made a long sausage shape and cut it into four to creat the legs and attached them to the body the same way. 

Creating a small sausage shape that’s smaller on each end creates the tail and then I used a toothpick to give a hair texture to the mane and tail. 

I cut a small slit in the neck and inserted the jump ring with the lobster clasp attached and added a bit more clay to secure it.

If your using coloured clay you would want to add all your details like eyes an markings then bake according to the instructions on your clay.

After it has completely cooled you can paint it to look like your horse and seal using a clear drying sealant like modpodge.

And your done, a totally one of a kind key ring for your keys, riding bag, grooming bag or pencil case! 


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