The Great Blanket Debate

Rugs are a giant pain in the butt, should I put his rug on now even though it’s not that cold but it will get cold later, is it to hot for them to to have it on, should they just have a rain sheet on??? Ahhhh! 

There is always a debate on whether horses should be rugged and of course it depends on we’re you live and what kind of horse you have, whether or not they’re clipped, etc. 

Maybe it’s because I’m a design student or maybe it’s because I love order and organisation but I love me an infographic ❤️📊📈 and this one is great, it’s informative and easy to read and understand!

Image credit:

Oscar rocking Prince’s hand me downs ❤️

This photo was taken before the little devil broke one of the front clips 😈 #justlovemakingthingsdifficult #goodthinghescute

I can’t be the only one who wishes their horse could talk right? Why did you throw me off? On a scale of 1-10 how bad the pain? Do you want your rug on or off? Well your wishes have come true! Well the rug part maybe.

This amazing article talks about training horses to communicate weather they would like their rugs on or off using simple symbols:


5 thoughts on “The Great Blanket Debate

  1. Here on the Wirral UK the wife and I don’t rug an believe in all natural, reading this as I cross the field with our slow gypsy cob lol slow till she remembers there’s dinner in the stable, counted 3 horses with rugs all ready

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