But I don’t work here…

I had planned to do a riding diary type post after my lesson on Saturday but sometimes things don’t work out the way you thought. Instead of a lesson I ended up on a tiny little grey pony named Rosie taking two Danish tourists on a trail ride.

Welcome to my crazy life! 

My riding school has two locations and the other location is much smaller and doesn’t have the same turnout facilities so during the school holidays their horses are moved to our stables. So when I got there it was crazy, ponies everywhere! 

This little guy was doing in hand lessons and I fell in love, how cute is he?!

Anyway it was chaos, double the horses, double the tack, double the lessons. I got mr Patrick out of his paddock which required a change of footwear, I had to put gumbooots on because it’s been so wet the area in front of his paddock is under water. He’s still not himself ☹️ I was happy to see that all his tack had been properly labeled though so he won’t end up in the wrong saddle again. So in all the craziness there ended up being lessons double booked so I took a lesson with two little kids, the boy’s really cool he loves Patrick too! I miss being that carefree and fearless, why is it so much harder learning as an adult? Afterwards I hung out in the stable locating tack and getting new people to sign waivers and find helmets, they just kept showing up! 

I ended up taking another lesson for a girl who I used to ride with when I first started and she’s just comeback after a break which was nice. The instructor from the other property came into the ring asking where the groom who was meant to be getting her horses ready was and to be honest I nearly laughed at her. My poor instructor is always on her own and has to tack up and organise all the horses for her lessons and always ends up working late and this woman was complaining about having to tack up one horse and work for an extra hour. I don’t blame her the two schools run really differently, it’s easier to be organised and on time when all the horses are at arms reach in stables and you don’t have to faff around finding a lead rope with a functioning clip (harder than it should be) and getting horses in from paddocks, taking off rugs, tacking up etc. I think everyone was just a little stressed working on top of each other! 

I think I probably said I don’t work here like 12 times. Don’t get me wrong I love helping out and I love all the girls that board, take lessons and teach but it was hard seeing everyone stressing.

Anyway I ended my day with a trail ride with some tourists on the cutest little pony, one of the girls who rides every week thought my choice mount was laughable but she was really cool. It wasn’t much of a trail ride since the cross country course and all the riding space at the back of the property is just one giant mud puddle but we rode around some of the side paddocks. I took some extra time to give Patty a good groom before taking him back to his paddock (after changing my boots again, so annoying I feel like winter is lasting for ever even though it’s technically spring). 

While not the day I thought I’d have I had fun, I find I learn heaps whatching others ride. I usually notice things that my instructor has been telling me about either how I’m riding or how the horse is moving that it’s hard to grasp when your mounted up. 

Bridget is embracing Spring! 

I don’t know if it comes across in either this post or others that I’m not exactly happy at the riding school I’m  at now but rest assured I will be making some changes soon, I’ll make a post about it soon I promise! 


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