Freak accident 

Just casually riding in the dressage ring when another passing riders horse decides to kick out at Patrick and gets me in the shin. Hurt like hell but I kept riding until I noticed I was bleeding through my breeches, boot socks (brand new 😭) and leather chaps. So that’s how I ended my day in the emergency room getting stitches. 😫

Seriously why does it always have to be the cream breeches! They are currently soaking in hopes the blood will come out and the hole in them is tiny compared to my leg (how does that work?) I saved them from the admitting nurse who wanted to cut them up the leg to better assess the injury. #priorities 

I bought new boots and chaps this week but as I had to wait until they ordered my size boots in I luckily didn’t wear my new chaps only  because I went for black and my current boots are brown.


3 thoughts on “Freak accident 

  1. Why did this happen when you were wearing cream breeches? Sod’s Law.(if it can happen it will happen). I had to be cut out of a very nice pair of full seat breeches when I broke my femur. I was past complaining about it at the time. Good to know you did not break anything.


  2. Aw man that stinks — all of it! If the blood’s below the top of the boot, at least they’re salvageable. Here’s hoping for a quick recovery.

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