Changing times

I was reading an article in Hoofbeats magazine about worming (glamorous I know) by Laye Meynell and Dr Ann Nyland and came across this quote “With scientific research steadily replacing traditional ‘horse lore’, and a wealth of knowledge regarding equine health now readily available to anybody that cares to search, our opinions on best practice are continuously being updated.” 

Science has so many amazing insights with regards to education and training, tack and equipment and how best to care for our four legged friends, if you have an open mind and are willing to put in a little time to research different sources you can learn so much, it’s a shame that in the horse world so many people are still using outdated practices just because that’s the way it’s always been done. 

Onwards and upwards people! 


One thought on “Changing times

  1. This is true in many fields — and in different countries in specific fields. My blog reports on trends, research, and more across many borders, and I never cease to be amazed at how little of what I learn is covered in more than the country where I learned about it.
    While I have no particular interest in the equine world (though two cousins have had, one as the wife of a dressage competitor, the other as a builder of jumps), I follow your blog because you often touch on common truths, and no one should fail to react when those are presented within ‘sniffing distance’
    ( I also produce the blog, which goes off in all sorts of interesting directions. You might want to check it out.)
    Doug Harris


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