Love yourself ❤️

The Origionals is one of my favourite shows right now, it has some extremely talented actors, great humour and the perfect amount of gore, my only wish is that Netflix Australia and iTunes would have more episodes available, I mean I know it’s an American show but come on like 90% of the cast are Australian! 🇦🇺 One of these extremely talented Australian actors is Nathaniel Buzolic. I follow him on Instagram because as well as portraying bad boy Kol Mikaelson on the show quite brilliantly he is also an amazing photographer.

Now this isn’t strictly equestrian related but I think a really beautiful idea and we all need to remember to save a little of the love we give to our family, friends and horses for ourselves. So when I came across this I had to share.

From @natebuzz on Instagram: “I have struggled with the idea of loving myself for the longest time, and you would probably be surprised at how many people deal with the same issue today. I wanted to do something positive this week, maybe to remind myself of why I should in fact, actually love myself. Using my @Myliliapp I have created a list called #10ThingsILoveAboutMe pretty simple stuff but it could be a great way for you to remind yourself that you are in fact awesome, unique and special. Download the Lili app (it’s free) if you haven’t got it already (Link in my bio) and join me in making some great lists. I am gonna feature my favorite list that one of my followers creates so please add the hashtag #10ThingsILoveAboutMe in the list title. Make your list by 8/1, and Follow me on Lili @natebuzz. You gotta learn to love yourself. Much love…”

So here it is #10ThingsILoveAboutMe


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