Out with the outdated! 🎩

It has long been the tradition for dressage riders to compete in top hats no doubt dating back to the sports inception however New Zealand has now made it compulsory for all riders to compete in a helmet that meets their safety standards.

“This is a major step forward for safety of riders competing in New Zealand and is accompanied by the ESNZ recommendation that helmets should be worn at all time when handling horses” said ESNZ CEO Vicki Glynn. “Horses can be unpredictable and we know that riding is a risk sport so we must do everything we can to make our equestrians safe” she says. “Sadly we can no longer allow the use of the top hat in competition but the design and elegance of the contemporary safety helmet makes them a worthy replacement and safety must come first.” 

I think this is an excellent example of embracing modern science, knowledge and technology over more “traditional” or outdated equestrian practices. 



One thought on “Out with the outdated! 🎩

  1. In Canada we have been required to wear helmets for a couple of years. However in CDI competitions the top hat can still be worn. I am a helmet supported for sure. And every time I think of Courtney King Dye and what we have lost with her being disabled. She was such a beautiful rider. If she had been wearing a helmet maybe we could still enjoy seeing her ride.

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