7 Deadly Sins of an Equestrian Tag

Created by EquineObsession

Greed: most expensive piece of tack you own?

I don’t have a horse so I don’t own any tack but the most expensive horse riding item I own is actually my Dublin raincoat ($150ish), I’m a student so I don’t have huge amounts of money and what extra I do have I much rather spend on riding lessons so I get most of my stuff on sale or find the best price online.

Wrath: what exercise/lesson do you have a love/hate relationship with? 

Jumping grids, if you mess up the first jump at least in my case I tend while trying to correct myself forget about the next jump coming. 😕 They are however really good for your position and technique. 

Gluttony: what is your favourite thing you own/wear?

Probably my helmet, I think I’ve prattled on enough in past posts about how much I love it! 

Sloth: what do you always forget/neglect riding/at the barn?

I can’t say there’s anything at the barn I neglect but when I’m riding I have a bad habit of forgetting my hand/arm position and dropping my hands and straitening my elbows. 

Pride: what is your best strength?

My love for horses, I once got told that Patrick always gives his best when I’m riding him and that they thought that was because of how much I care! I was a bit chuffed with that. 

Lust: what is your ideal colouring on a horse?

Grey, either dappled or flea bitten. Palominos are also beautiful.  

Envy: what is one thing you wish you could learn/improve on? 

Jumping, having more confidence and being better at judging distances or getting better flection and movement in dressage. 


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