Put you best hoof forward…

The 18th annual National Farriers Week is from July 10th-16th, 2016. (I’m a tad late I know but I’ve had the most horrible cold).

Hoof health is so important, whether shod or bare foot regular fairer visits are necessary in a horses overall health. So in honour of national farriers week and because of the great service they provide take some time to thank your local farrier.
This is a great article with easy ways to say thank you: http://horsenetwork.com/2015/07/9-ways-say-thank-farrier/

If your keen on number 6 this is my go to recipe, they are so easy to make and I usually have all the ingredients in the pantry. If a nut allergy is a issue or you just can’t go past chocolate this is another of my go to recipes. Muffins more your thing have a look at this one.

There are a whole lot of funny articles and posts about what not to say to your farrier that are entertaining but this article is all about communication and is definitely worth a read. http://www.thehorse.com/articles/10537/communicating-with-your-farrier


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