Less is more

One thing I can’t stand is people who put all these gadgets on their horses. Don’t get me wrong everyone has a purpose and can be used to great benefit to the horse and rider but they are not a fashion accessory or a permanent solution to a bahavioural or educational problem, they are an aid. 

I think it’s important to ask why am I putting this on my horse? Does he need it? Is there another way to work through this problem? 

I’ve seen a person who bought her horse with tack and was using the harsh bit that came with the horse to control behavioural problems that turned out to be cause by a ill fitting saddle. 

I know teen girls that put boots and all kinds of tack on their horses because someone else has one and they want to fit in or it’s trendy but they don’t actually know why or what purpose, or if it’s actually going to benefit their horse.

No amount of tack is going to take the place of hard work, training and education. 

Ahhhh rant over 😄

Image credit: Tumblr/sidewayswitchcraft



3 thoughts on “Less is more

  1. Enjoyed this! The barns I ride at in Ontario and in Florida all the riders know the purpose of any gear or “clothing” that is on their horse. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be using it. But….I have been in barns in the past where what you are describing is rampant. Especially the young girls! HaHa! I am going to post a link to this on my FB page Horse Addict Leueen I think others will enjoy it too.

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  2. This is a great article. When I am out on a trail ride with others and my horse acts up, I am quickly told what kind of gadget I need to stop the behavior. I usually find the problem is a confidence issue for my horse. So I know I have to do more work and not buy more stuff!


  3. Great article. I’ve seen both sides – people who know exactly why they have so many things on their horses (breastplates, figure-8s, boots, spurs, whips, half pads, ear bonnets — a lot, but each and every thing had a purpose) and then those who had all those things on their horse only to “look like they knew what they were doing.” I’ve been nearly guilty of this myself. But I want to LOOK like a Real Rider (TM), so I MUST put a standing martingale on my horse, right? Thanks for reminding me that tack should be of a particular purpose; saves the sanity of my horse, and my pocketbook.


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