20 Things I Love About Horses

  1. Soft noses
  2. That horse smell (you know the one)
  3. watching them play in the paddock
  4. The funny faces they make
  5. Their hearts, the love they give
  6. The noise they make before they get fed
  7. The sound of hooves
  8. Their eyes
  9. The trust they put in our hands
  10. They are amazing listeners and will never tell your secrets
  11. The sense of freedom and power they lend us
  12. They are great teachers: they will teach you patients, perseverance and dedication
  13. Their grace and goofiness: the horse that gracefully galloped across the paddock yesterday is the same one who got his head stuck is his feed bucket this morning (true story!)
  14. They are capable of sensing your mood and always know how your feeling
  15. They don’t care if your rich/poor, gay/straight, male/female (most of the time, Patrick doesn’t like men) only that you have the time and passion for them
  16. They will challenge you and push you to be the best version of yourself
  17. The joy they have bought to my life and I’ve seen bring to the lives of children, and those with disabilities
  18. Cuddles and nuzzles
  19. They will give you all they’ve got if they think you deserve it
  20. They just make everything better!

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