Equestrian Nail Art For Dummies 

I ride horses, I groom, muck out, tack up so really this is accurate: 

Image credit: Pinterest 

Having said that while I love wearing jeans, breeches, boots and have no problem spending the day covered in dirt and mud with no make up and helmet hair, I also love dresses and shoes and wearing make up so when I came across this on the spiced equestrian Instagram I had to have it! 

Image credit: spicedeq on Instagram 

I have never tried nail stamping but it is an awesome way of creating super cute detailed designs.

First of all can we appreciate how cute the box it came in is! 

The kit comes in this cute little bag that has three stamping plates, a scraper thing for removing the extra polish and the stamper you use to transfer the design. 

The plates have all these cute design options. 

I just had to go with the bit design, if you can’t already tell I’m a bit obsessed with bits! (How many times can Emily use the word bit in this post?)

I used a Sally Hansen base coat followed by a random pink colour and I used a Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in the colour ‘blue it’ for the stamping and a Sally Hansen top coat. (I like Sally Hansen in case you didn’t notice!) 💅🏻

The whole process was pretty strait forward and the kit has instructions. If you want a tutorial there is heaps of great YouTube videos online. After you paint your nails and let them dry you paint your chosen design on the plate and use the scrapper to remove the excess. You use the stamper to pick up the design and stamp it on your nails. I would recommend practicing on paper first and it works best if you use a rolling motion instead of stamping strait down. Finish with a top coat and your done.

For someone who is useless at nail art this was so easy and produced great results! I still need to work a bit more on getting all the designs on strait but for a first effort I think it’s a good job.

The aftermath… 🙄  


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