DIY Horseshoe Art

You will need: 

  • A horse shoe
  • Paint
  • Varnish/sealant 
  • Glitter (optional) 
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Picture frame 

If you don’t have any old horseshoes hanging around there are heaps of sellers on eBay and etsy. The rest of the supplies can be found at any craft store. 

If your using an old horseshoe make sure to give it a good clean so your paint will stick. If your horseshoe has any rust on it just soak it over night in white vinegar and lightly scrub it with some steal wool. 

I used acrylic paint just because I had some around and I kinda like the look the brush strokes but if you want a smoother finish you could use spray paint, just make sure you work in a well ventilated area and follow the directions on the can. 

I descided to leave the nails that were still in my horseshoe, I just used some pliers to shorten the backs and lightly sanded the ends so they had no sharp points, alternatively you could just remove them. I gave my horseshoe a base coat of white paint and then painted it teal. I wanted a more rustic look so after it was dry I used a tiny amount of white paint on a dry brush to add some texture and detail. Once your paint is dry go over it with varnish or sealant, I used modpodge to give it a glossy finish. Before using the varnish you can add glitter or any other decorative pits and pieces. 

Use the back of your picture frame to trace a piece of scrapbook paper to fit. I got my frame from target but you could use an old frame you already had or they’re usually pretty easy to find a secondhand shops, just remove the glass. Stick the paper to the back of the frame or a piece of card and put the frame back together. Stick your horseshoe to the paper, horseshoes are heavy so use a strong glue, alternatively you can use wire or ribbon looped through the nail holes to suspend it from the top of the frame. And your done, a super cute DIY to add some colour and love of horses to any room! 

The best thing about this DIY is you can use whatever colours and patterned paper you like, you could even use a photo of your horse as the background and one of their shoes to make a great memory box!  


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