Meet the other great love of my life Oskar. I first met Oskar volunteering at RDA (riding for the disabled) he was one of the lesson horses who belonged to one of the coaches. Oskar is a 10 year old standardbred and is the most beautiful bay you have ever seen. Oskar is the biggest sweetly, he’s impossible not to love! The name Oskar really suits him but his origional name was Gabe, which we all agree doesn’t suit him at all! Oskar now lives on his owners property and is used for lessons and voulting and I can visit him when I help out on the weekends. 

He’s basically a big baby he loves putting things in his mouth and has broken so many grooming bags and halters. He loves food and has been known to steal other horses feed buckets out of their stalls. He is lovely to ride bareback because he is so stocky and round and he has the most beautiful canter, although sometimes when he’s trotting he gets confused and throws in canter strides or starts pacing.

Yes Oskar’s browband is upside down- it’s been like that for as long as I’ve known him- it’s too much of a pain to take his bridle apart to fix it! 


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