I’ve been on the hunt for a rain jacket/coat for this winter. Now everything equestrian related is expensive so I wasn’t sure if I wanted an equestrian jacket or a regular rain jacket. Now obviously a jacket for riding is specially designed for in the saddle but I figured a regular raincoat would work just as well for keeping the rain off.

I kept an eye out for something nice that fit my needs when I saw this Dublin jacket in the new Horseland catalog and fell in love. It’s navy and pink need I say more!

As for sizing I usually wear a size 10 top (Australian sizing) or a sometimes a 12 for my chest (if you get my meaning) and I went for a size small. It fits really well, I wore it for the first time last weekend and it’s seriously amazing. 

The sleeves have second tighter cuff inside the waterproof sleeve which is amazing as they keep the cold and wind from blowing up your arms. It’s long enough to protect you from the weather but the back has studs you can undo when your in the saddle. It pored with rain on Saturday and it kept me warm and dry and it wasn’t to bulky, I was able to ride, tack up, untack, groom, put rugs on, feed etc without it getting in the way. It seems to be good quality and I’ve always been happy with other Dublin products lasting so if it keeps me going for a couple of years I’ll be over the moon. 

*not sponsored in anyway just love this product.

**I wore this teaching yesterday because the weather was horrible and I was tightening a girth and the pony turned around and tried to bite me. He got my sleeve and I thought for sure he had ripped the fabric but no it’s still perfect! Amazing quality. 



  1. Thanks for your review l was wondering about this jacket! Is it wind proof? I am going to Europe at the end of the year and need a warm coat. I was hoping to hit two birds with one stone and get this to ride in, then layer underneath in Europe. Is it particularly warm? Cheers


    • Its water and wind proof, the double cuffs keep the wind from going up your arms and its fleece lined. Where I live isn’t particularly cold but I’ve worn it in the alps where it’s been freezing and with layers underneath its great. If you live close to a store that stocks Dublin products definitely go in and have a chat to them, I know the staff at my local store are really friendly and helpful! Hope this helped! 🙂


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