C4 belts

Any equestrian knows you can never have too many belts. C4 belts are a series of interchangeable belts and buckles: they’re waterproof, animal/eco-friendly, airport friendly, easy to clean, have a lifetime guarantee and can be cut to size. C4 belts come in a huge range of colours and come in regular and skinny styles.
Great right? It gets better, as an Australian it can be frustrating when you come across an awesome product from overseas but the shipping cost is astronomical, well C4 has flat rate international shipping to anywhere in the world.

They also give back, $1 from every belt you purchase goes to one of 4 charities:

  • Boys & Girls Club of America: Aims to give young people a safe and happy future by investing in life-enhansing programs and character development experiences.
  • Human Rights Campaign: A civil rights organisation that works towards LGBT equality.
  • Captain Planet Foundation: A unique charity that awards grants to young people who are trying to make a positive impact on their communities through environmental projects.

And the charity I selected:

  • Best Friends Animal Society: Aims to reduce the amount of unnecessary animal deaths, they promote pet adoption, spay-and-neuter services, and humane education programs.

You can learn more on the C4 website.

I have the bits n pieces belt in navy with a hot pink buckle. They have the same pattern in five other colours (pink, green, grey, black and mint) and 65 different belt designs in total with 30 different buckle colours including metallic and glow in the dark. That’s close to 2000 different combinations! So you can match them to any ROOTD.

It’s worth following C4 on their social media (Facebook, Instagram,Twitter) as they post coupon codes and special offers all the time. I think my next purchase will ether be the pink bits n pieces with a silver buckle or the mint bits n pieces with the metallic pink buckle! 

They just released new Moroccan designs that look amazing too.

My overall opinion is that these are great belts, great designs that are easy to customise to your unique style. I love how easy they are to keep clean which is great because I’m probably the messiest rider I know, seriously I don’t know how I get so dirty but I’m usually covered in several centimeters of dirt by the end of the day and my cream breeches are not as cream as they used to be! The fact that they support such great causes is just icing on the cake.

OMG they just released a horseshoe pattern and a summer emoji design! 💸


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