Turmeric- miracle spice? 

Me and doctors/vets haven’t always seen eye to eye, I believe modern medicine is amazing and I consider my self blessed to have access to it but I don’t believe it holds all the answers. I believe that traditional/alternative medicines used in conjunction with modern medicines and treatments can be extremely beneficial. I love spiced foods, that is dishes that include lots different herbs and spices and I know that different spices are said to have different medicinal properties. 

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about turmeric being used as a supplement in horses with arthritis and other joint problems. Turmeric comes from a plant called Curcuma longa which is native to south east India and is most commonly known as the ingredient that gives curry it’s colour and flavour (yummy!) Historically it has been used as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, digestive aid and a pain killer in humans but their isn’t a whole lot of science to support its use on horses, despite this I have friends who swear by it. 

For your horse to get the benefits you need to be using a product that has a curcumin content of atleast 3.5% and doesn’t contain high levels of heavy metals and for absorption should be combined with piperine which comes from black pepper, to further aid in the absorption combine with an oil such as coconut oil. If this all sounds way confusing there are products already made up as supplements that contain all these magical products such as this and this. Now obviously I’m not a vet so you should check with your horses vet or another professional before you start with any alternative treatments, they should be able to help you with what to look out for, what to avoid and dosage information.

Despite not having a horse I love reading and learning about alternative treatments and the ever evolving science behind equine health and lifestyle and will definitely keep this in mind for the future, in the mean time, anyone feel like a curry? 

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