Grooming bag review 

grooming bag

I wanted an inexpensive grooming kit just to have around. While I don’t have my own horse I like to give Patrick a good groom either before or after I ride depending on his lesson schedule and you can never seem to find a brush when you need it. I figured the most economical way to purchase brushes was in a kit but I am very particular about when types I like. I like hoof picks with a brush on the end, kite shaped sweat/water scrapers and oval shaped rubber curry combs. I came across the Roma deluxe grooming kit and it seemed to meet my needs but I kept holding off. I’m a member of the Horseland rider rewards program so when they had a special deal for members I bit the bullet and ordered it. The kit didn’t come with a curry comb so I picked up a Roma brights curry as well.

I’ve used all the brushes a couple of times now and over all I pretty happy with all the brushes. The hoof pick has a good handle and the brush end is stiff enough to hold up. The main and tail brush is a good shape and the brisels work well on thick, knotted tails. The curry comb is just a standard curry, it’s not to squishy and not to stiff but just right. Both the dandy brush and the sweat scraper do exactly what’s advertised, and seem to be good quality. I wish the face brush was just a little bit softer, I think a face brush should be softer than a body brush and that’s not the case here  but again overall a good brush. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the body brush, the bristles are great and it’s the perfect size however it’s designed so it bends at the edges. This is so I guess so it contours to the shape of the horse but it’s not what I’m used to. It’s not bad it just feels weird but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. 

The bag itself is sturdy and well made. The round shape means it has heaps of internal space so there’s heaps of room to add different brushes and really build your kit and there is both open with elastic tops and zipped pockets around the outside. I have the purple and grey but my friend I ride with just bought the navy and red which looks really smart as well. Obviously I’ve only had these brushes for a few weeks so I don’t know how they will last in the long run but so far I would totally recommend! 


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