Equestrian decor

SHS Poster

I love this watercolour print from Sport Horse Lifestyle, it’s the perfect combination of fashion, horses and art! I think this would look so cute framed in a simple white frame on a wall with a bunch of other different framed images. 

Grey Bit Pattern Ottoman 

I love me a bit pattern! And I love this site (thepaintingpony.com) it’s a relatively new find and I already want to by everything. This ottoman is the perfect amount of horsey without screaming I AM A CRAZY HORSE LADY. 

Horse Bit Sheets 

These bed sheets are advertised as being perfect for kids that love horsing around, but I think they are elegant enough to add a bit of flair to a grown up bedroom as well.  

Horseshoe Glasses 

I don’t drink wine but I think these would be just as cute as regular drinking glasses. Who doesn’t want to add lucky horseshoes to their table decor! 

Ride Your Pony Serving Tray 

I wouldn’t use this to serve food or drinks but it would look great to store perfume or desk supplies on. It would add a great pop of colour to any room.


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