What’s in my riding bag?

whats in my bag bag

So my riding bag itself is the HV POLO FAVOURITAS CANVAS SPORTS BAG in navy. (Get the coral version here) I love this bag, it’s big enough to hold everything I need and has a zip pocket inside that’s great for my phone and keys. My only dislike is as the handles are white canvas they do get a bit dirty.

whas in my bag

1. The first thing in my bag is my helmet. I ride in the DUBLIN ARISTA helmet, I originally bought this helmet style because it fit my small head really well (seriously it’s tiny, I know little kids that wear bigger helmets than me!) and it has great ventilation. I had a serious riding accident a few months ago and landed on my head/face and this helmet saved my life so I happily bought another one. Note: you should always replace your helmet after a serious accident as an impact can reduce the effectiveness of your helmet in any subsequent falls. 

2. Gloves. My gloves are the HV POLO PALMA gloves, they look great, fit well and are really comfortable. They are a bit on the pricey side but in my opinion they are worth it. The quality is great, I’ve had the same pair for about a year and they are showing only minimal wear.

3. Hat, not going to lie that’s is as much about being sun smart as it is about covering helmet hair! I have really thin hair so it looks pretty bad after wearing a helmet for an hour so having a hat I can chuck on is a must. I need to go to HV polo addicts annonomus, I think I have a problem! This hat is the HV POLO FAVOURITAS BASEBALL CAP in navy. 

4. Sunglasses, these are an old pair of Kmart or Target sunglasses that I think we’re a hand me down from my mum, which is good because they have been: slobbered on, dropped, chucked around in my riding bag and even flung of the top of my head by a gorgeous standardbred who likes to play with (destroy) things.

5. Rain jacket. We are experiencing the weird in between weather of Autumn where it can be hot and sunny one day and windy, rainy and miserable the next, which is why my bag still has a combination of summer and winter products. My rain jacket is the DUBLIN ANNABELLE JACKET.

6.  Assorted brushes. When I don’t feel like hauling my whole grooming kit around I chuck my hoof pick, body brush, curry comb and face brush in my bag. My grooming bag is the ROMA DELUXE GROOMING BAG in purple and grey. And I have a ROMA BRIGHTS curry comb, again in purple. 

7. Treats. I love these treats, they are designed to be used in the Likit Snak-a-Ball or fed by hand as treats or a training aid. They come in a re-sealable bag and are a low sugar formulation, I have the mint and eucalyptus flavour which both horses I ride seem to love (full disclosure they both love food and I think will eat just about everything).

8. Water bottle. Always important to stay hydrated. My barn has bore water which I don’t personally like the taste of so I have a Brita water bottle. They have a charcoal filter build in that filters and purifies water as you drink.

9. Make up bag. I have a make up bag with a hair brush, emergency period supplies, tissues, lip blam, hair ties. The kind of things that are always good to have with you just in case.

10. Camelbak. This doesn’t usually stay in my riding bag but I usually just chuck it on top. I have the 2L Aurora in purple which I use when I’m teaching lessons or on a trail ride. It allows me to keep water with me hands free and not have to carry my water bottle around. 

11. Cool sleeves. These are a seriously amazing invention. They are simply selves made out of a light, breathable material that is SPF 50+. You slip them over your arms when wearing a short sleeved top and they provide sun protection with out adding any bulk or layers to your torso. Even though I have them in black you don’t get too hot from wearing them and they have other colours as well. Mine are IceRays (you can get them here)

12. Sunscreen- self explanatory, Australia has really high rates of skin cancer and I have naturally pale skin that is really prove to burning. I am also trying to avoid glove tan! 

13. Body protector. It doesn’t fit in my bag but I also keep my body protector with the rest of my stuff (I don’t wear this all the time just if I’m out on the cross country course or riding a new horse I don’t know). I have this one, it fits well and isn’t to bulky. 


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