Favourite equestrian YouTubers! 

Two in Tailoreds– Two in Tailoreds is the channel of identical twins Breanne and Courtney who are nurses from Canada. The twins are also co-parents to beautiful bay Rumor or ‘Rumor has it’ who they often call Rumie. I love their vlogs but they also post how to’s, DIYs, great hauls and riding raws. Their rootds often feature their favourite breeches tailored sportsmans hence the name of their channel. They also have a personal channel which shows another non horsey side of the twins featuring fashion and even Harry Potter themed hauls!

HayitsMaya– Another Candian, Maya is the owner of Luna, a very spirited grey mare. She boards at the most beautiful facility that has the most amazing indoor arena, trails and lake. Her channel has the usual videos of hauls,vlogs, etc along with fun videos like ‘Quizzing the non-equestrian’ and appearances by ImagineThatEquine.

Lauren McKinnon– Canada seems to be the place for amazing equestrian YouTubers! Lauren has a sweetie of a horse, Ralph (Ralph-Lauren, get it?!). Lauren’s channel showcases hauls, Q&A’s, reviews, rootds, riding raws, vlogs and much much more. Lauren and Maya used to have a joined channel: MyEquineAddiction before they branched out on their own. The channel is no longer updated but has some great videos.

YourRidingSuccess– Australian Natasha Althoff is a world-renowned Grand Prix dressage rider with a love for black Friesians. She posts amazing inspirational videos of how to master particular dressage movements, get you and your horse working together, conquering fears and goal setting. She has just completed work on new facilities on her property which now has the most amazing indoor arena, stable and office areas.

ImagineThatEquine– Owner of 16.3 hand, warmblood, Kingston, Daria is another Canadian. Daria posts lesson raws, vlogs, edits, reviews as well as a new show series. She even documented a recent surgery and how she got back into riding.

Little Red Cowgirl– I don’t ride western and have a limited understanding of western events but I love Danielle Murray’s channel: Little Red Cowgirl. Fiery red head Danielle has two gorgeous chestnuts Chobit and Freya who she is training and she also posts videos of her breaking and training client horses. She also posts hauls, routines and come ride with me videos. I love her hot pink themed tack room!

equine.emma1996– Emma is an Australian YouTuber. Her and her beautiful boy Hugo are such a great team and always look the part often coordinating their Schockemohle outfits. Emma posts hauls, reviews, riding videos and vlogs. Emma was one of the first equestrian YouTubers I discovered and remains a favourite.

SmartPak– SmartPak is the YouTube channel of American online provider of horse supplies and equestrian supplements, SmatPak. They have some great products but they doesn’t ship to Australia, I fact they don’t ship outside of the USA (they hope to change this is the future). Despite this their channel has grooming box tours, riding outfits of the day, wishlists and product reviews from SmartPak staff who all seem to be passionate equestrians.


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