The great helmet debate 

So you know I’ve personally had my life saved by my helmet and even before that I has always very pro helmet. I always ride with a helmet just like I always wear a seatbelt when I get into a car. The thing is that is my choice. Every time we get on a horse we are taking a risk. There is always a danger no matter how safe the horse or how good the rider, you can never know what might happen. Even with a helmet or a body protector there is no guarantee of safety, horse riding is more than 20x more dangerous than motorcycle riding (our mounts have a mind of their own) and serious injuries do happen. I know people who don’t ride in helmets or only wear them some times, they have access to the same information and statistcs as I do and have made a different decision for what ever reason, the thing is who am I to judge.

In the equestrian community there is a tendency to judge others who’s opinions or methods are different than our own and we (as a community, generalisation I know but I have experienced this myself) tend to be very vocal about our feelings. I like to think this is because we care for the safety of others not just because we think we know better than them.

Celebrate your descision to wear a helmet knowing you are reducing your risk or serious injury or accept others decisions not to knowing they know the risks associated with riding and are making an informed descision. Don’t judge others, let them live their own lives without judgement as you wish to live yours free from judgement.

Having said this I strongly recommend checking out if your on the fence or are anti helmet use. Your never going to regret wearing a helmet but you might regret not wearing one, don’t just think about yourself but all the people that love and care for you. 

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2 thoughts on “The great helmet debate 

  1. Nope, sorry. Gonna judge someone who rides without a helmet. I may still love them, but I’m not going to approve of the decision. As for a parent who doesn’t want a kid to wear a helmet because ‘It hides her pretty face.” … I don’t have the words.

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    • Not going to lie I would judge any parent who isn’t making their child wear a helmet, if your under 18 you should be wearing a helmet. As for over 18s who aren’t wearing a helmet- hey if they want to take that risk, that’s their call!


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