Would You Rather: Equestrian Edition

Would you rather:

1. Only be able to post the trot or sit the trot for the rest of your life?

I know I’m probably in the minority but I actually like sitting trot. It does depends on the horse though and not every horse has a good trot to sit to so I would have to say posting or rising trot. 

2. Show in the hunter ring in a hot pink show coat or with your hair down and no hair net?

Hair down, I think it’s less obvious than a hot pink show coat!

3. Lick your horse’s salt lick or drink from the community water trough?

Lick a salt lick, community water troughs can be nasty even when they look clean I reckon there has to be a lot of horse drool in there.

4. Clean your horse’s stall with bare feet or touch an electric fence?

Electric fence, neither are that appealing but the fence would be over faster.

5. Cut 10 inches off your horse’s tail or shave off their forelock?

Horse’s tail, a short tail is less noticeable than no forelock.

6. Ride a horse that is always under the pace or one that bolts after every jump?

Under the pace, just because a horse that bolts after jumps can be unpredictable and dangerous.

7. Come 1st in a class of 3 riders or 15th in a class of 50 riders?

15th out of 50 rider, I think you get a better sense of how you rank and how you can improve in a bigger group of riders.

8. Only ride when it’s raining or 100 degrees fahrenheit?

100 degrees fahrenheit is like 37 degrees celsius which in Australia is pretty common and I’ve ridden in hotter but I love riding in the rain!

9. Jump a 6 foot tall jump or a 6 foot wide jump?

(6 foot is about 180ish cm) Wide, just because I think they can be harder to get horses over.

10. Ride in denim shorts and tall boots or breeches and flip-flops?

Tall boots and denim shorts definitely, just wear lots of sunscreen, I still have tan lines from doing this! 


Disclaimer: I did not come up with these questions, I came across them on Courtney and Breanne’s YouTube channel Two in Tailoreds.


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